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Last week we went with Hailey, her sweetheart Laurel, and Laurel’s mom to Puerto Rico for 3 days to celebrate her graduation and spend some time with her before heading to Texas State, and it was perfect. Was perfect because I could stay in bed. When tired comes and doesn’t feel bad because Hailey can go out alone with Laurel since they are adults now. And it was also heart-wrenchingly bitter-sweet because they are now too old to live without us. The chest-expanding pride of watching your child step into adulthood is cut short by the same pain of watching our relationship fall apart… something still wonderful, but the end of an era and the beginning of another.. Letting go and changing. It’s more difficult than I thought.

We swam and (lightly) hiked through a rainforest, but one of my favorite memories was watching a flight attendant named Debbie lose her complete shit when she told the last person she didn’t bring three bags Saka and another flight attendant were like, “It’s okay. We still have plenty of room upstairs, Debbie” and she screamed “You cannot have three bags. I told him you can’t have three bagsAnd everyone was staring at each other with big eyes because clearly Debbie was going through some trouble and we could all relate to that, but at the same time it’s very embarrassing to put your parents in front of your friends and everyone else. It was like watching us fight while traveling, whenever something went wrong one of us would shout”you can’t have three bags“And we’ll all laugh and realize we were being ridiculous and now”you can’t have three bagsJoined our forever vocabulary of funny personal jokes.

And it’s kind of wonderful because I’m also looking at the ceiling at 3 in the morning and thinking about some terrible thing I said 10 years ago and people always say, “Nobody cares what you’re talking about.” I’m worried, you’re being irrational” and that’s probably true, but Perhaps A group of total strangers who heard me say something incredibly embarrassing 10 years ago now happily repeat it today as a private joke that still binds them together. And it’s a kind of immortality you can’t buy and a useful reminder I need as I continue to accidentally spew awfully embarrassing things in public, like a fountain of mortification.,

PS. Bless you, Debbie. always in our hearts.


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