Chashni 25th May 2023 Written Episode: Captivating Moments and Unexpected Twists Unfold

The Episode Unfolds: Chandni and Raunaq’s Revelation, Sanjot’s Scheme, and Roshni’s Confession”

  • Chandni and Raunaq engage in a heated argument while the bus conductor reveals important information to Raunaq.
  • Raunaq realizes his mistake and acknowledges Chandni’s role in uncovering the truth about his mother’s death. They share a heartfelt moment.
  • Sanjot devises a new plan, determined to defeat Sumer while he is vulnerable and alone.
  • Sumer and Roshni return home, where Sanjot embraces Roshni.
  • Chandni and Raunaq arrive, and Chandni expresses respect for Sanjot, assuring him that their marriage is not a problem.
  • Nisha confides in Chandni and Raunaq about her crush on Manav, and they offer support and understanding.
  • Sanjot interrupts the conversation and insists on sending Nisha to a hostel, but Chandni and Raunaq oppose the idea, defending Nisha’s place in their family.
  • Roshni opens up to Sumer, revealing her past relationship with Nirbhay and the impact it had on her life. Sumer recognizes Nirbhay as a cheat who owed him money.
  • Roshni expresses her love and respect for Nirbhay and acknowledges the new life she has with Sumer.
  • Chandni and Raunaq confront Sanjot, who poses a threat to Roshni’s life, leading to an intense confrontation in the upcoming episode.

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