Cezanne Khan’s Alleged Wife Aisha Pirani Accuses Him of Domestic Violence: FI Filed

Aisha Pirani, who claims to be the still ‘married’ wife of actor Cezanne Khan from Kasauti Zindagi Kay, has filed an FIR against him, accusing him of domestic violence and extortion. In a recent interview from the US, Aisha shared details about filing the FIR, her pursuit of a legal divorce according to Muslim law, and more.

The reason behind Aisha filing the FIR against Cezanne Khan stems from her allegation that he deceived and exploited her to obtain a US Green Card. She claimed to have financially supported him from 2013 to 2016 while he remained unemployed. Aisha stated that she possesses evidence of all the expenses she paid for through her credit card. Initially, she chose to overlook these issues but decided to take action when Cezanne referred to her as an ‘obsessive fan’ in a previous report, causing her immense distress. Aisha emphasized that he insulted her and accused her of image manipulation. She also revealed that Cezanne’s behavior in front of her children caused them emotional pain and resulted in a negative perception of him. Despite fraudulently signed divorce papers, Aisha, as a Muslim woman, considers herself still married under Islamic law. She expressed her desire to recover the money she spent on Cezanne and seek compensation for the mental trauma she endured, intending to pursue a legal divorce (‘khulanama’) as per Muslim law.

Although currently residing in the US, Aisha visited India to file the FIR, which she completed on June 7th. She felt compelled to visit India due to Cezanne’s texts and suspicions of his marriage to his girlfriend. Aisha submitted voice notes exchanged between Cezanne and his girlfriend to the police as evidence.

Addressing Cezanne’s claims of never being married and image manipulation, Aisha firmly denied his statements and asserted that she has witnesses who can testify to the truth. She accused Cezanne of engaging in fraudulent activities, including possessing two birth certificates, and believed he projected his wrongdoing onto others.

Regarding her attempt to meet Cezanne during her visit to file the FIR, Aisha mentioned that she did not have the opportunity to meet him this time. However, in the past year, she visited his residence on Yari Road with her niece and tried to initiate a conversation, but Cezanne fled upon seeing her. Aisha reiterated her intention to move on from the marriage and mentioned rumors of Cezanne being married to a woman named Afsheen for the past four years, although she remained uncertain about the truth behind the rumors. Aisha clarified that she did not have the chance to speak with Afsheen during her visit to Cezanne’s residence.

Regarding the compensation sought, Aisha stated that she requested Rs 8 lakh, which only represents a portion of the money she spent on Cezanne. She clarified that she spent more, driven by genuine intentions, but her children now hold deep resentment towards him due to his actions. Aisha accused him of using her for obtaining a Green Card and manipulating her for financial gain, providing bills as evidence to support her claims. She expressed disbelief that he could deny the truth.

Aisha’s lawyer, Yasmeen Wankhede, confirmed the registration of an FIR against Cezanne Khan at the Versova police station for defamation, domestic violence, and financial fraudulence. They now await further action from the police.

The controversy surrounding Cezanne Khan and Aisha Pirani originated in 2021 when Cezanne expressed his desire to get married. At that time, Aisha, previously known as Aisha Merchant and a US

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