Bigg Boss OTT 2: Avinash Sachdeva Opens Up About Father’s Support in His Journey

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, the excitement reached new heights as the contestants were called by Bigg Boss to gather in the living area, setting the stage for intriguing developments.

All eyes were on the stage as two new housemates, Akanksha Puri and Palak Purswani, were finally revealed and stepped into the house. The existing housemates warmly welcomed them with enthusiasm. A playful moment ensued as Akanksha referred to Jad as “Jiju,” sparking excitement and anticipation among the contestants who sensed the possibility of new chemistry.

Amidst the excitement, a heated argument broke out between Jiya and Bebika, leading to Manisha’s tears. Jiya teased Manisha by implying that Akanksha had captured Jad’s attention, fueling tensions among the trio. Despite Manisha’s attempts to mediate, Jiya and Bebika remained at odds.

Meanwhile, Avinash chose to distance himself from the situation and retreated to the dressing room. When approached by Abhishek and Manisha regarding Palak, Avinash calmly clarified their past relationship. He revealed that although they had dated for four years, they had separated over two years ago, and such matters no longer affected him. Avinash expressed his disinterest in changing his appearance solely for the sake of their interaction within the house.

Throughout the day, Akanksha and Palak discovered the aftermath of Puneet’s disruptive actions, which led to his voluntary exit from the house. Each contestant shared their perspective on the incident, highlighting how Puneet had caused turmoil and distress among the housemates. As a result, in a unanimous decision, the contestants voted Puneet out of the competition, marking the end of his tumultuous journey within the Bigg Boss house.

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