Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Intriguing Entry of a Dancer at Angoori’s House

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the latest episode, Vibhu walks up to Anu, curious about her research. Anu reveals that she’s researching about men at the age of 60. Vibhu takes the opportunity to share insights about David’s character, describing him as a womanizer with a fondness for dancers. Anu expresses occasional embarrassment about her marriage and asks Vibhu about their next plan. Vibhu suggests calling a dancer to perform for Chachaji, hoping it will trigger his memory. Anu agrees to the idea.

Vibhu meets Prem in a phone booth and requests him to arrange a sensitive, homely dancer who has the ability to heal someone’s pain. Prem teases Vibhu, assuming that he must have had a fight with Bhabhiji, but assures him of his support. Vibhu confirms that he is done with both Bhabhis and asks Prem to find the dancer for him.

Meanwhile, Anu is in the kitchen, puzzled by the sight of someone eating non-vegetarian food early in the morning. Angoori greets her from her kitchen and notices her worried expression. Anu dismisses it, but Angoori informs her about Vibhu’s strange conversation the previous day, mentioning something about biryani that he couldn’t eat. Anu ponders over Vibhu’s peculiar eating habits. Angoori further inquires about Chachaji’s whereabouts as she hasn’t seen him in days. Anu simply states that he is out and leaves the kitchen.

Teeka and Tillu receive a call offering them a job opportunity in Dubai. Excitedly, they ask for the interview schedule and request the caller to convey their gratitude to their friend Mukesh. Prem, overhearing their conversation, asks when they plan to leave. Tillu informs him that they will be leaving within a week. Teeka mentions how they have served Mukesh and his mother for three years, leading to this opportunity. Master expresses concern about the language barrier, as Urdu and Arabic are predominantly spoken in Dubai. Tillu asks if anyone can teach them. Just then, Saxena passes by and greets everyone. Prem seizes the moment and asks Saxena about his destination, to which Saxena replies that he has become an Urdu and Arabic teacher at Jagdish Academy. Teeka and Tillu excitedly share their job offer with Saxena, seeking his assistance. Saxena agrees to help but asks for a small favor in return: they must each whip him with a belt for 10 minutes as payment.

Back at Vibhu’s house, Vibhu brings David to the dining table. As David sees Anu, he starts conversing with her in Lucknowi dialect, irritating her with his stories. Vibhu serves vegetarian kofte to David, but David insists on having non-vegetarian food. Vibhu attempts to explain to him that the koftas are vegetarian, but David’s persistent demands continue.

Meanwhile, Angoori receives a call from Bhuri, who informs her that she has sent her friend named Pimple with mangoes. The doorbell rings, and Angoori assumes the woman at the door is Bhuri’s friend. However, it turns out that the woman is a dancer sent for Vibhu. Amused by Angoori’s love for dancers, the dancer engages in conversation with her, mentioning that she will showcase live dancing for her.

Anu grows impatient as the dancer is yet to arrive. Vibhu calls Prem to inquire about the dancer’s whereabouts. Prem reassures him that the program has already begun. Anu and the dancer begin dancing, but Anu, hearing the music, asks

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