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Hailey is in that awkward age of kids who had to learn to drive in the time of Covid, which meant basically it was practically impossible. When I was getting my license I went off the road with my parents and my social security card for a driving test. Hailey’s journey included driving classes, basic forms, special online classes and a wait two months To make an appointment at the DMV for your driving test.

They must have their social security card, utility bill, proof of insurance, report card, car registration, application, an original copy of driver’s ed completion, certificate of impact training, my voter registration card, the ability to parallel park, a tuxedo key was also needed. Cat born under a blood moon Notarized photo of your great-grandmother’s ghost Three inches of your umbilical cord Your stripper’s name (your first pet’s name + the street you lived on) An unlisted item that varies depending on There’s the direction of the wind, a zodiac chart showing the planets at birth, a doctor’s note if you’re a Sagittarius, a bottle of Taylor Swift’s laughter, the answer to an ancient magician’s riddle. and $33 dollars.

Some of them are exaggerated but not as many as you would think.

But off this morning? This darling child of summer has passed her final exam and has her license:

And I feel equal parts proud of how far they’ve come, angry at how soon they’ll be gone, and excited to be exposed to Hailey’s musical playlist during so many hours of driving practice. But I am totally surprised. Nothing prepares you for hearing your adorable child sing Childish Gambino, raunchy cabaret songs, and squeal with absolute joy. drive belt Billy Joel’s zanzibar While flying over a country road.

Be careful out there. For me.


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