Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sid Manipulates Prachi’s Family

The episode begins with Sid revealing that the project was rejected due to the use of cheap quality raw materials. He claims to have convinced them to continue the project by offering to become a guarantor. Brinda remarks that it’s coincidental how Sid has a solution before the crisis arises. Avni defends Sid, saying he is trying to help Lakhan. Sid urges Lakhan to think and make a decision, emphasizing the need to prepare for the function regardless of Lakhan’s choice. Avni, Josh, and Sid leave the scene. Lakhan clarifies that Sid didn’t invest any money. Vikrant mentions Raghav approaching them when Prachi was undergoing surgery. Angad wonders if Raghav finally confessed his feelings to Prachi. Meanwhile, Prachi acknowledges that Pihu is sacrificing her love and decides to sacrifice her own love as well. She resolves to figure out a solution and expresses concern over Raghav’s whereabouts.

Raghav, held captive, manages to free himself from the ropes. Pihu and Angad playfully tease Prachi about Raghav, leading to an argument. Prachi inquires about Raghav’s whereabouts, and Pihu asks if she loves Raghav. Prachi admits her love for him, and Pihu confesses her love too. Sid, angered by the situation, expresses his intention to harm someone. However, the person he seeks assistance from refuses to help him. Meanwhile, Vikrant reveals that Raghav informed him about finding Ram and Priya’s picture at the site manager’s house. Pihu confirms that Raghav told her as well. Adi adds that they discovered the person involved in Ram and Priya’s case. Prachi asks for more information, and Adi explains that the man is connected to their parents’ death. Prachi and Vikrant agree to find out more about him.

Later, Prachi gets ready for an event and imagines Raghav. She reflects on her past actions and regrets not realizing Raghav’s significance in her life sooner. She acknowledges Pihu’s love for him and wishes for their happiness. Prachi’s imagination fades away, leaving her in tears. Lakhan informs Prachi about her readiness, and Pihu compliments her appearance. Prachi expresses concern about Raghav’s absence and worries about the situation. Sara urges them to come downstairs. Raghav arrives home and notices the decorations. He questions whether Prachi is marrying Josh but denies the possibility. Meanwhile, Sid talks to a government officer, while Lakhan doubts his trustworthiness. The officer explains that they cannot trust Lakhan after the previous incident, and they would proceed with Sid as the guarantor, appointing Josh as the chief architect. Prachi expresses gratitude to the officer for attending and mentions her recent accident, emphasizing the importance of valuing life. She suggests doing the necessary paperwork but insists on waiting for Raghav. Prachi requests Priya’s bangles, and Raghav, overhearing the conversation, hides from Sara. He contemplates talking to Prachi and witnesses Avni’s conversation with Sara. Avni expresses her belief that Prachi doesn’t love Josh and accuses him of emotionally manipulating her. Raghav questions if Prachi is marrying for the sake of his project. Sara encourages Avni to consider Josh’s feelings for Prachi and urges her to reflect on the situation.

Precap: Raghav confesses his love for Prachi and reveals that Sid was responsible for Ram and Priya’s death. Prachi proposes to Raghav, and they reunite and get married.

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