Anupamaa: Maya’s Vile Act to Cause Pain, Bhavika Threatens Pakhi

Upcoming Episodes of Anupamaa: Maya’s Ruthless Avatar Returns, Bhavika Threatens Pakhi!”

“Anupamaa” has been the number one show on the TRP list for several years and remains a favorite among fans. This highly anticipated show is watched in every household, and fans eagerly await new twists every day. In the upcoming episodes, viewers can expect to witness various intriguing twists. Maya will be seen plotting against Anupamaa, causing her immense pain. Amidst Anupamaa’s farewell, Maya’s terrifying true colors will also come to light.

Clash Between Bhavika and Pakhi:

In the upcoming episodes, preparations for Anupamaa’s farewell will be underway. We will witness another confrontation between Bhavika and Pakhi. Bhavika will express her concern to Pakhi, stating that she cannot continue her relationship with Anuj any longer. While Bhavika’s words may be disregarded by Pakhi, she will threaten Bhavika on behalf of Anuj.

Moments Spent Together by Anuj and Anupamaa:

Further in the storyline, Anuj and Anupamaa will spend some time together and be seen embracing each other. Their eyes will be filled with tears. Anuj will then remember that he needs to return home and bid farewell. Maya will be delighted upon seeing Anuj leaving. At this moment, Anuj will inform Maya that he went to the office for some work, revealing Anupamaa’s bindi on his shirt, leaving Maya furious.

Tearing Wedding Pictures:

In the show, Anuj will enter his room and be reminded of Anupamaa. He will keep looking at her picture. Maya will observe him from outside and gradually turn red with anger. Eventually, Maya will become so enraged that she will tear Anuj and Anupamaa’s wedding pictures. She will caution Anuj not to make any mistakes before the farewell. Meanwhile, before bidding farewell, Anupamaa will spend some time with her mother, discussing her saree and even talking about Baa.

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