Anupam Mittal, Shark Tank Alum, Mourns the Loss of His Father

Anupam Mittal, widely recognized as one of the esteemed sharks from Shark Tank seasons 1 and 2, faces a moment of profound sadness within his family. Taking to his social media account, he shares the heartbreaking news of his father’s passing, as they bid farewell to his soul now residing in heavenly realms. Anchal, Anupam’s wife, also pays tribute by sharing a family picture on her story with the heartfelt words, ‘Shine on us daddy.’

Anupam shares an incredibly strong bond with his late father, having admired him and imbibed the essence of business acumen from his teachings. Recalling fond memories, Anupam once shared an anecdote about his father’s involvement in the handloom business. Even at a tender age, he would hold his father’s finger and observe the looms, gaining valuable insights. He fondly reminisces, “He was in textiles. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur was seeded in me back then.”

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