Another 14 Dad Jokes, Get Ready for Father’s Day

get your dad jokes Ready on time! Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June, have fun with them!

1. Scientists say that one day it may be possible to live on Mars.
I tried it for a month, gained almost 3 stone and got type 2 diabetes!

2. I think I need a job cleaning mirrors.
I could actually see myself doing this.

3. What did the baby pirate say to the mom pirate?
Aren’t you glad you met dad?

4. How do astronomers organize a party?
Those planets!

5. I made soup entirely out of scavenged ingredients…
It was a soup of fresh air!

6. When does a regular joke become a dad joke?
when it becomes apparent.

7. It wasn’t much fun when I broke my neck last year.
But now I can look back and laugh.

8. Anyone remember that chiropractor joke I shared?
It was about a weak back.

9. I recently visited the “World’s Smallest Wind Turbine” exhibition.
Honestly, not a big fan.

10. I can’t bring my dog ​​to the pond anymore. The ducks keep attacking him.
Looks like this is what I get for having a purebred dog.

11. I seem to get sick only on weekdays.
I must have had a weekend immune system.

12. What did the triangle say to the circle?
you are useless

13. Hey, Dad, did you get a haircut?
no i cut them all

14. Where do pigs like to rest?
in the hammock


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