Actresses Aishwarya Sharma and Ayesha Singh unfollow each other on Instagram: Inside Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin rift

Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin actresses Aishwarya Sharma and Ayesha Singh unfollow each other on Instagram

Buzz Surrounds Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin as Actresses Aishwarya Sharma and Ayesha Singh Unfollow Each Other on Instagram Amid Generation Leap Speculations”

The popular TV show, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, is making waves once again as it gears up for a generation leap. As fans eagerly anticipate how the show will navigate the current storyline, attention has turned to the on-screen dynamics between Aishwarya Sharma and Ayesha Singh, who portray the characters of Sai and Pakhi, respectively. Recent reports indicate that the two actresses have unfollowed each other on Instagram, adding fuel to existing rumors of tension.

Rumblings of discord between the female leads have been circulating, particularly since Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt’s growing friendship seemed to isolate Ayesha Singh. While the exact cause of the strain remains unknown, social media became a platform for fans to express their frustration whenever the storyline unfairly favored Pakhi and Virat over Sai. Now, with the news of the unfollowing incident, speculation continues to mount.

In response to the unfolding situation, one user took to social media and commented, “Ayesha and Aish unfollowed each other lmao, We Know What kind of Vibes were at set and how Much Ayesha Suffered Due to the Clowns.” This remark sparked a heated debate, with another user suggesting that Aishwarya had unfollowed Ayesha as far back as 2021.

The behind-the-scenes drama and the fallout between the actresses have captivated the show’s dedicated fanbase. With the generation leap on the horizon, viewers eagerly await further developments in this intriguing storyline.

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